Bricks and mortar

Detailed. Grounded. Realistic.

Property values can be classified exactly with the right tools and attention to detail. Our licensed professionals will offer you a detailed and realistic valuation using professional, precise and market-based tools. An asset as substantial as your property, deserves professional attention. Our certified appraisers will offer you a complimentary and non-binding consultation.


Our Services

  • Appraisals by professionally trained and certified experts

  • Access to in-house databank with decades of properties and value comparisons

  • Access to project-based market, location and price developments

  • Cooperation with an expert team of lawyers, tax advisors, notaries and architects

  • Calculation of real estate and property values for
    Property division
    Loans and financing
    Inheritance, settlements, wealth estimates

  • Assessments for villas, houses, apartments, lots, condominiums, multi-family homes