Discreet Matchmaking

Trust. Presence. Confidence.

No online marketing, flyers, or advertisements. Our unparalleled network is our most valuable sales tool for your most valuable asset. We know the clients on both sides of the deal/ one well-placed phone call will sell a property.

Property owners often prefer a particularly discreet form of marketing, without the use of public advertisements. We understand that these preferences may be personal, and are not only happy, but able to accommodate such requests by sourcing our extraordinary network, our personal client base and our significant experience.

Our company ethic is based upon absolute trust and professionalism and our decades of success provide ample proof of the trust our clients place in us.


The Procedure

  • Property appraisal

  • Market-based analysis

  • Preparation of a communications strategy in line with the wish for confidentiality

  • Discreet and personal approach to pre-listed, appropriate clients within our trusted network

  • Sales and contract processing tailored to your preferred level of discretion




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